Navigational Rally

Checkpoints can be a welcome sight, unless you’re early or late…

…AKA Time-Speed-Distance (TSD), NAVEX, or Regularity Rallies

Navigational rallies are precision driving and navigating events. A driver and co-driver/navigator follow a specific set of route directions and average speeds (by rule at least 10% below the posted speed limit) and try to stay on route and on time, all the time. Checkpoints are placed at unbeknownst locations along the route where passage and elapsed time are recorded. Should this elapsed time be shorter or longer than the prescribed average speeds and distances should dictate, penalties are applied. Like golf, the team with the lowest score wins.

One thing a navigational rally is not is a race! No special equipment is required (club championships have been won in mini-vans), other than a sense of adventure and, at times, a good sense of humour. The BAC conducts a number of these rallies each season and they may range in duration from a couple of hours to several days and from 150 – 1000+ km in length.

In 2022, the BAC will begin using the Richta Rally system for timing and scoring on several events. This system uses cellphone GPS technology in conjunction with a free downloaded app to record checkpoint passage and timing information. Scoring is instantaneous and we believe this system will be a huge asset to our navigational rally program.

Navigational Rally Schedule