Stage Rally

Nick and Kelly Mathew on their way to another stage win in their Subaru.

Stage or performance rallying is a type of auto racing which takes place on private or public roads with modified production cars or specially-built and equipped, road-legal cars. Cars don’t run on a circuit, but on point-to-point sections (or stages) of road, leaving at pre-determined intervals. The car with the fastest cumulative time through all the stages of the rally wins the event.

It takes nerves of steel and a high degree of car control to cover rough gravel and woods roads at high speeds. Drivers rely on their co-drivers for constant information, timekeeping and to provide “pace notes;” co-drivers rely on their drivers to keep them on the course and go as quickly as possible in all weather and conditions. It is a true team sport and arguably the most exciting motorsport on the BAC calendar!

Would you like to get involved with stage rallying but have no desire to drive or co-drive? We’re constantly on the lookout for highly organized people with good communications skills (and perhaps a bit of project management know-how) to help us coordinate our stage rallies. These are strictly volunteer positions but the excitement on rally day is real and the reward of conducting a successful event is huge. Let us know if you’re interested in learning more!

Ledwidge LookOff Rally – Rescheduled for November 18-19, 2023

Trout Lake Rally – September 23-24, 2023

Trout Lake Supplemental Regulations

Trout Lake Safety Plan

Trout Lake Bulletin 01

Trout Lake Bulletin 02

CARS Entry Form. Please email to; entry fees to be e-transferred to

CARS Inspection and Self-Tech form. Please complete a copy of this form and have it with you for confirmation prior to day 1 of the rally.