RallyCross FAQs

What is RallyCross?

RallyCross is a sprint style motorsport where competitors run one at a time on a closed mixed-surface course marked out with pylons. Surface could be gravel, mud, or snow depending on the venue and season. Each competitor gets four runs and times are captured. Time penalties are accrued if you knock over a pylon or go off-course. The competitor with the lowest total time (including penalties) over the four runs wins the event.

What kind of vehicle is required?

Any production based vehicle can be run, as long as it is wider than it is tall.

We run under CARS (Canadian Association of Rally Sport) regulations, which state: Passenger Cars or Light Trucks
a) All vehicles must be based on production passenger cars or light trucks. Eligibility is restricted to vehicles based on street-licensable, closed-bodied passenger cars and light trucks. Non-production-based vehicles that are of tube or box frame construction are explicitly forbidden.
b) All loose items in the vehicle must be removed during the event (including from the trunk).
c) Items such as hub caps, that may become detached from the car during competition must be removed.
d) Tires must be in good condition.
e) Mechanical condition and safety of the vehicle is the responsibility of the competitor.
f) Noise limits may be set by the organizer to satisfy local requirements.
g) Open top (convertible) vehicles must have a fitted hard top and /or roll over protection approved by the regional scrutineer. If open top vehicles are not permitted at individual events that must be specified in the event’s supplementary regulations.

What else do I need?

You need an approved helmet:

a) FIA Homologation -FIA 8860-2010 (expires 2028-12-31), -FIA 8859-2015
-FIA 8860-2018,


b) Snell Foundation -SA 2015, -SA 2020


bearing “Snell Memorial Foundation” M2005 or SA 2005 (or more recent) label

Your vehicle must have 3-point seatbelts for driver and passenger. If your vehicle is equipped with roll-over protection, then you must have a 5-point harness.

You will also need a valid drivers license and a BAC club membership (or membership with an affiliated club).

An online waiver must be signed once for the season.

What does it cost?

A mere $30 per driver for each event. Up to 4 drivers can share a car.

Register by noon on the Saturday before the event.

Can I take a passenger with me?

Yes, as long as the passenger also has an approved helmet and is at least 14 years old and at least 36 kg (80 lbs).

What takes place on RallyCross day?

You should show up with your vehicle by 9:00 am and find yourself a place to park.

Check in with the organizers to let them know you have arrived.

Feel free to help the organizers with situating pylons to build the course for the day.

At about 10:00 am a mandatory driver’s meeting will be called.

Take note of your position in the run order, so you know what car you will be following. The organizers will place your run order number on your car window.

You will then be taken on a course walk and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

At about 10:30 the first car will start its run. Each car in the run order will procced to the starter and will be counted down to start their run, once the car before them finishes. Each car will get four runs in total.

When you are not running, you are asked to assist with pylon control and pickup, by positioning yourself out on the course. You are watching for displaced pylons and will let time control know if any are knocked down and you will reposition the pylon back to its original place before the next lap or run.

NOTE: We do not break for lunch.

At the end of the day, around 3:30 pm depending on number of competitors, all competitors help gather up the pylons.

Then there will be a final meeting called to announce winners and present awards.

Many competitors meet up at Whistler’s Pub in Stewiacke after the event, for some food, drink, and bragging.

Can I come watch an event before I compete?

Absolutely. Come on out to any of our events and watch, or volunteer, and chat with the other drivers. Bring a helmet with you and we can get you out as a passenger on one of the runs.

When/Where are RallyCross held?

We are currently using two sites, but are always on the lookout for new venues.

SMS – Stewiacke Mudslingers, at 292 Brenton Cross Road, Stewiacke

AMP – Atlantic Motorsport Park, at 266 Racetrack Road, Mill Village

I still have questions…

Check out our website and Facebook page for more details and to find out when and where our RallyCross events are being held. Or drop a note to info@bluenoseautosport.ca for more information.