Spectator FAQs

When are the events?

BAC is putting on two Performance Rallies this year:

  • Ledwidge Lookoff on Sunday, June 2nd
  • Trout Lake on Sunday, September 22nd

RallyCross events are every other Sunday from November through March. Check our Calendar for specific dates.

Where are the events?

Our Performance Rally locations are:

* Check out the links above for maps and addresses to each site.

RallyCross events are held at one of two locations (new locations coming soon):

  • SMS – Stewiacke MudSlingers, at 292 Brenton Cross Road, Stewiacke
  • AMP – Atlantic Motorsport Park, at 266 Racetrack Road, Mill Village

What types of events can I watch?

All RallyCross events welcome spectators to come watch from the pit/parking area.

For Performance Rallies you are welcome to join us at Headquarters and view the cars in their pit areas.

We are working on a Spectator Area for Ledwidge Lookoff that will get you closer to the action.

What’s the difference between Rally and RallyCross?

RallyCross is held on a closed lot of gravel, dirt, mud, or snow using pylons to create the course. Cars run one at a time and the entirety of the route can be seen from the pit area. Vehicles can be anything from fully prepped Performance Rally cars to regular street cars. Multiple drives can share a car, and they each make all four runs, and often ride along as passengers with the other drivers.

Performance Rally is held in the woods on ATV trails and logging roads. Viewing is only possible at specific points along the stage. Cars are fully prepped with roll cages and all the safety equipment required for the high speeds of rally. Performance Rally teams are made up of a Drive and a Co-Driver.

What does it cost?

Not a cent. No entry fees for spectators. Come on our and enjoy the show, admire the cars, and chat with the drivers.

What should I bring?

There is no seating available, so bring a chair if you want to venture out of your car. Although you should be able to get a good view of the course from your car in the parking/pit area of RallyCross and from the Spectator area for Performance Rally.

Some snacks and drinks would be recommended, and of course a camera or your phone to take pictures.

This is Nova Scotia, so dress for the season.

For Performance Rally we also suggest bug spray and sun screen as you will be in wooded areas.

Are there any facilities?

There are no food facilities available. However, bathroom facilities are available in the parking/pit area of RallyCross and at Headquarters of Performance Rally.

What if I want a closer view of the action?

We are always looking for volunteers to help with events that get you up close and personal with the rally action. You must be at least 16 years of age and must sign our electronic waiver. (Under 18 must have parental consent).

For Rallycross, you can help as:

  • Starter – Be the one that does the “3, 2, 1, Go” to get each car rolling
  • Pylon Control – resetting pylons that the cars knock over
  • Timing – Use a stop watch to time each car’s run
  • Scoring – Entering times and penalties into an Excel spreadsheet on a laptop

For Rally, you can help as:

  • Blocker – We’ll position you at a cross trail in the woods in your own vehicle, where you will ask any ATVers that come along the side trail to wait until it is safe to cross the live route. Other than that, sit back and enjoy the cars when they come flying by. Feel free to invite a friend along to keep you company (They will also have to sign the waiver).
  • Start and Finish Control – You’ll work with a team of people to control the start and finish control points. You may be monitoring a stop watch, blowing a horn, or giving the “3, 2, 1, Go” countdown.
  • Control Vehicles – If you have your own 4 wheel drive vehicle you can volunteer as one of the control vehicles. They run the Rally stage before and after the Rally cars to open and close the course. Sometimes you will have ham radio operator in the passenger seat.
  • Headquarters – We always need people to help with pit and parking control at HQ, spectator guidance, as well as administrative positions like helping with timing and scoring.

I still have questions…

Check out our website and Facebook page for more details and to find out when and where our RallyCross events are being held. Or drop a note to info@bluenoseautosport.ca for more information.