February 2022 Volume 1 Edition 1

Club Documents

2023-2024 Speedwaiver

Online Membership Form

Bluenose Autosport Club By-Laws

Navigational Rally

ARMS Navigational Rally Rules

ARMS Rally Entry Form

Richta Rally SCCA Presentation – Basic GPS Checkpoints

Richta Rally SCCA Presentation – Advanced GPS Checkpoints

Richta Rally SCCA Presentation – GPS-Based Road Rally Update (2022)

Stage Rally

Announcement 2022-14 regarding the CRC National Series Manager

CARS Announcement 2022-13 2023 CRC Calendar

CARS Announcement 2022-12 Technical Director position

CARS Bulletin 2022-05 Media Accreditation and Tracking System Power Supply

Announcement 2022-11 regarding the Nomination for Regional Director:

Announcement 2022-10 regarding the Nominations for CARS President:

CARS Announcement 2022-08 Canadian Rally Championship Season Ending

CARS Announcement 2022-07 National Series Manager Position

CARS Bulletin 2022-04 SFI Non-compliance Speedsy Racewear

CARS Announcement 2022-04 Electronic Waivers (Speedwaiver)

CARS Bulletin 2022-01 RallySafe for the Canadian Rally Championship

ARMS Performance Rally Championship Rules & Regulations

2022 CARS Rulebook

CARS COVID-19 Protocols

2022 CARS License Application

2022 Canadian Rally Championship Calendar

BAC Rally Sprint GCRs


CARS Bulletin 2022-06 Scoring and RallyCross Rules Changes

Online Registration

Rallycross Results Page

General Competition Rules (GCR’s)


Bluenose Autosport Club Race General Competition Rules