Electronic liability waivers are here!

March 23 – You may have noticed some chatter around the ARMS clubs about our insurance provider (Stoneridge) moving away from paper waivers to an electronic, administered-through-your-smarphone solution. Needless to say, there have been lots of discussion on this subject over the past week or so and while it may be inconvenient in a number of aspects, we all agree it’s a done-deal and we need to adhere to the policy in order to keep our insurance intact.

There will be much more to follow on this subject but for now: we have enlisted one of our members to administer this program and there will be much more information coming down the pipe before our first event, which is the Lost in Lunenburg Rally on April 23. Stay tuned to this website for more news.

Meanwhile, check out speedwaiver.com for information on how the whole thing is supposed to work. The more knowledgeable we all are about this system, the easier it will be for all of us going forward.